Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There once was a boy who lived on a farm.
He looked up in the sky one night and said "You know up there in the sky there are sheeps and goats and cows and chickens and pigs, on another planets just trying to find their way home."
So those sheeps built a giant spaceship to go up in the sky and bring those farm animals home.
When he tried to build his spaceship he looked around his home and saw there was nothing to build the spaceship out of except for eels and mercedez hood ornaments.
He went up in the sky and got to that planet with the farm animals.
When he got there he saw that it was easy to go around on the land.
But to get to the sky and the water and the core was difficult.
He found those farm animals an put them in his spaceship.
The sheep liked the goats, the goats liked the cows, the cows liked the pigs, but the pigs were straight.
These were the straightest of pigs, so straight they could never be swayed.
The pigs tied books to their heads and came back to the farm.
The boy saw the pigs and said "Pigs don't have books on their heads this is New Zealand."

The End

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mrmekon said...

Derivative, but pretty good. I've pretty much heard that story a hundred times before, though.